Close Up Of Woman Eating handful Of Almonds

Eating Almonds: A Way to Slim Down Fast

Many people, both old and young, struggle with their weight. Because it is such a common issue, things like weight loss pills and weight loss reality shows have become very popular in todayĆ­s society. The Journal of Obesity released information indicating that consuming almonds can help with slimming down. This was a bit unexpected; people who are trying to eat less often look for snacks that are healthy and will fill their bellies, and they generally stay away from nuts because they have a lot of calories and fat.

The following information indicates how eating almonds can help you to stay within a normal body mass index.

The Research

Dr. Michelle Wien led a series of studies that found that almonds can help people shed excess weight. The researchers noted that almonds have a lot of nutrients. When the body is well-fed, it does not typically send signals indicating the need for food. However, if the body is filled with unhealthy items, the brain continuously tells the body that it is hungry. This leads to binging, which packs on the pounds.

If you eat almonds for a snack, your cravings will subside because your stomach fills up with this healthy food. Almonds have protein, fiber and monounsaturated fat, all of which cause you to feel less hungry.

The Make-Up of Almonds

Almonds have a lot of protein, and as such, they are a great food to eat instead of eggs or red meat. Just one ounce of almonds is comparable to lean meat when it comes to the amount of protein. Almonds, however, are even healthier because they have more fiber in them. Fiber is a great way to keep calories and fats from absorbing into your system. Dr. Wien indicates that fiber binds fats, which keeps it from getting to the intestinal wall. Rather than staying in the body, it gets pushed out.

Almonds also have a monounsaturated fat known as oleic acid. This fat is also in olive oil, and it helps to cut back on how much cholesterol the body has in it. The University of Toronto released information showing that those individuals that consumed one ounce of almonds a day had much less of the bad cholesterol, also known as low density lipoprotein, in their bodies. High levels of low density lipoprotein have been linked to heart disease.

Almonds, as well as other nuts, have a lot of Vitamin E. This vitamin has anti-oxidant properties that help ward off heart disease. Consuming only an ounce of almonds gives you almost half of the Vitamin E that your body needs each day.

Research indicates that almonds can also help ward off cancer. There are phytochemicals in this food, and they can help stop tumors from growing.

A Healthy Snack

Almonds can help you lose weight, but they do much more than that. Because there are so many active ingredients in nuts, they are a healthy snack that helps your body in more ways than one.