5 Foods that can help form a Finer Figure

Although it is true no diet will be an easy path to a perfect figure and optimal health, the food you eat can greatly facilitate or impede any weight loss program. The correct combination of fat burning foods can also be the catalyst to shedding those stubborn excess pounds.

Weight Loss Foods

If you are on the quest to optimal weight here are some foods that can speed you on your way.

1. Pistachios

Many weight loss diet programs call for reduced meat intake. To be sure they still get sufficient proteins and fats dieters can increase the daily consumption of healthier nuts, namely pistachios. A decent snack-sized portion of pistachios can contain 240 calories give or take a few.

That is more than enough healthy unsaturated fats to meet the daily requirement. The high fiber content works to clean away any toxic substances lurking within your digestive tract, these substances can adversely affect your digestion and actually impede weight loss.

2. Mushrooms

Have you ever heard of a Shitake mushroom burger? Well donít love them before you try them. Mushrooms can be a great substitute for meat; some mushrooms actually have the ability to reduce weight replacing just one meat meal a day.

In a recent research study conducted at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Healthís weight Management Center, a significant amount of weight can be shed by merely consuming mushrooms. The researchers found that a yearlong diet of mushrooms a can help a dieter drop 7 lbs. a year.

3. Yogurt

Another very promising weight loss food is yogurt, although there is no significant clinical evidence yet. Researchers do recognize a possible connection to a diet of yogurt and weight loss. In a study done by Harvard Universityís Darius Mozzafarian, potatoes were shown to have the worst effect on weight loss and yogurt one of the highest.

No one is exactly sure why this is but it may have something to do with a probiotic agent present in yogurt that stimulates the release of excess corporal fat.

4. Oat Bran

The Dukan diet has received some acclaim after celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Kate Middleton endorsed its weight loss capabilities. The active ingredient in the Dukan Diet is heart healthy oat bran. Many Europeans thoroughly committed to the Dukan diet will carry a baggie of oat bran around with them on their daily activities to be sure they intake the required amounts.

Oat bran works to reduce weight in the same way high-fiber foods do; by making the dieter feel full faster and additionally aiding in the elimination of wastes. Wait thereís more, oat bran can also successfully reduce blood cholesterol by absorbing these excess fats and making them available for fueling the body.

Just a bowl of oat meal for breakfast is all you need to begin the weight loss magic.

5. Olive Oil

Here is a diet tool that is surprisingly user friendly. By simply substituting all your oily cooking products, i.e. cooking oil, Crisco, lard, butter, with olive oil will signal the brain to stop making you feel so hungry.

According to a study done at the University of Irving, olive oil is transformed into a powerful compound called oleoylethanolamide. This compound, with a tongue twisting name, can signal the brain to stop feeling hungry allowing you to fill up in only a few bites.

Any successful weight loss program should consist of complementary diet and exercise. Eating natural foods and getting plenty of regular exercise are the best ways to lose the excess weight. The best way is pretty inexpensive too.