Tips To Burn Maximum Calories At The Gym

When you finished your workout on the treadmill and you saw the machine indicated 300 calories. However, how do you know if that figure is actually the accurate calories you burned? According to experts, there is a good chance it is not.

How Reliable The Calorie Counter On The Gym Equipment Is?

When you completed your workout, majority of cardio related gym equipments give you the number which shows how much calories you expended. However, you need to remember, that this figure is just an estimate, and often overestimated and you should not take it for gospel. A prominent exercise physiologist, Pete McCall claims “If you see that you consumed 300 calories, there is possibly around a 10 % margin of error. The figure you find on the stationary bike, treadmill, stair climber, elliptical machine and so on, is only an estimate even though it is relatively accurate. It is based on so called METs (metabolic equivalents), which indicates amount of oxygen your body uses.”

McCall claims that one MET is equivalent to 3.5 ml of oxygen per kg of your weight per minute. This is how much oxygen your body needs at resting state. When you work harder such as when you exercise, your body burns larger number of METs. McCall claims “Your body needs to burn energy to use oxygen. When you’re running, your body requires more oxygen and your body expends more energy.”

McCall points out ìThe cardio machine at the gym uses the figure of METs to perform a chosen exercise, and combine it with your weight if you proved it, to estimate how many calories you burned. You will get more accurate figure if you provide your weight and age than you donít.î

If your purpose of exercise is losing weight, you may especially want to find out the exact calories you burned for your workout.

McCall says “If you are really bothered about checking and controlling your weight loss, the gym equipment gives you a good estimate, still if you are after the best estimate, it comes from heart rate monitor.”

The latest heart rate monitor is equipped with a system to program your resting heart rate together with your age, and utilize this information to provide you with a more accurate estimate of the calories you burned.

How To Maximize Calorie Burning At The Gym

When you are deciding which gym equipment to use in order to maximize your calorie burn, don’t rely on the burned calorie estimates from the machine. If you want to expend more calories, you just need to work harder. Therefore, the best way to determine which equipment will be the best for you to burn off the most calories is by accessing which machine is the best for you to work hardest. For example, if you are unable to sustain a run on an elliptical machine, you would be better off using the treadmill instead.

Although you can utilize the calorie calculator on gym machine as reference index, the best and most crucial way to burn maximum calories while you are working out is, to find the best equipment for you to enjoy using and therefore you use it more often.